Cher Huang

Cher Huang

Born and raised in Taipei, Cher Huang started her makeup career in Taipei in 2001, then moved to Shanghai in 2005, her work has been involved in a wide variety of successful projects until present days.

Her experience covers a range of TV commercials, TV shows, Print Ads, Fashion Catalogs, Fashion Shows, Brand Promotion Events, Celebrity Makeup, as well as magazines such as: Vogue China, Grazia, Elle, Maxim, GQ, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Femina and many others.

During 2007 - 2013, Cher collaborated with media companies to create instructional make-up videos to appear on the internet, TV, and Shanghai taxis. Her main role was not only to share her expertise, but also to feature makeup tips and techniques to a wide variety of audiences. Her goal is to continue to participate in makeup training sessions, teaching people how to use make-up and application techniques to discover and present themselves in their most beautiful state. Also to help other makeup stylists working in the industry improve their skills to achieve an even better results.

Cher has also expanded her work to include pre-wedding photo shoots and high-end weddings, helping the bride look beautiful on their important day.

Currently works between Shanghai , Taipei and available worldwide.

在台北出生并长大 , Cher Huang 于2001年在台北开始彩妆造型生涯,后于2005年移居上海至今,她的工作涉及各种成功项目

她的经验涵盖一系列电视广告,电视节目,平面广告,时装目录,时装秀,品牌推广活动,名人化妆,以及杂志,如:Vogue China,Grazia,Elle,Maxim,GQ,Marie Claire, Bazaar ,Femina..等等

在2007年至2013年期间,Cher 与媒体公司合作,制作出在互联网,电视和上海出租车上出现的教学化妆视频。她的主要职责不仅是分享她的专业知识,还为各种观众提供化妆技巧和技巧。她的目标是继续参与化妆培训课程,教导人们使用彩妆和应用技巧来帮助他们发现自己的外观呈现最美的状态,并帮助其他在业界工作的彩妆造型工作者提高他们的技能 , 运用在他们的工作演练中达到更为出色的表现

Cher 还扩大了她的工作范围,包括婚礼前的照片拍摄和高端婚礼,帮助新娘在重要日子展现最美丽与动人的一面